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Fresh Pressed Coffee Company

It’s all about the bean, the quality of which can only be experienced firsthand!

Experience real coffee, firsthand, from our farm to your cup every time you brew; unlocking the inner child as your taste buds wrap themselves around the rich profile in each of our single origin specialty coffees. We have the coffee your heart and mind will melt over, from profiles as exquisite as chocolate and caramel to cherry, to pistachio or even a bright citrusy lemon. We will take your palate on a wondrous journey through our farm in El Salvador.

The biggest difference you’ll experience is in our fresh beans, from green to roasted; they are simply the best in the world from El Salvador. Each way you brew, no matter how, is a unique way to experience a variety of tantalizing notes that sing to your soul. We encourage you to find your song, your brew, that resonates within and ride the coffee wave each day as you open up your present.

Yes, we are a Veteran Owned company, based in the Fort Hood, Texas area shipping across the United States, and can export if need be directly from the farm to locations worldwide. We are one of the only Veteran Owned companies that has farm direct coffee that is Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance, Bird Migratory Certified (National Geographic), won the Cup of Excellence Award and partners up with communities to make a difference.

Direct Trade, Locally Sourced & Veteran Owned

Direct Trade, Locally Sourced & Veteran Owned

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