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Our sustainably and ethically sourced award winning smoothest farm direct specialty coffee grown in El Salvador. 

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Family owned and operated!

Processing -  Natural, Honey, Washed

Roasting - Generations of experience & excellence!

Packaging - Packed and sealed at the farm.

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From your first cup to last drop, allow your coffee to fuel your daily journey.  Waking the dreams within to enabling you to unlock the next step with each cup.

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Sustainably and Ethically Sourced

Sustainably and ethically sourced, Fresh Pressed Coffee produces the smoothest farm direct specialty coffee from El Salvador.   Our freshest harvested specialty coffee is roasted to perfection for your daily journey.

Our coffee is certified Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C Association, C.A.F.E. Practices, and most importantly Direct Trade.

As a supplier for your daily cup to overall company production, Fresh Pressed Coffee Company can roast to spec and/or supply your establishment with the finest quality green/roasted available.

Fresh Pressed Coffee Company is Veteran Owned and producer of farm direct specialty coffee.  We are BBB Accredited and GoTexan!

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About Fresh Pressed Coffee Company

Coffee producer and owner Nicholas B. Haffter Von Heide embarked on his journey for the perfect bean three decades ago.  With his first espresso in a small shop in Boston at age 8, which inspired a dream to start his own coffee shop.  To the first farm direct coffee in Sulawesi, Indonesia at 19, he had yet to find a great cup of coffee to produce.

After serving his country in the US Army, and deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004-2005), Nicholas found the perfect cup in 2007 to fuel his life and wake his dream to the possibilities.  He has imported directly from the source, right to your brewing device of choice since 2012 focusing on waking the nation.

His relationship with the farm started in 2007, and continues to grow for over a decade dedicated to produce and source farm direct beans from El Salvador to fuel lives and dreams, from green to roasted. 

No Compromise Coffee

There is no middle when speaking with us, and if you'd like to visit our farms, we sure would love to show you around.

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