Farm Direct Coffee

Three Decades

Coffee producer, Nicholas B. Haffter Von Heide, and owner of Fresh Pressed Coffee Company embarked on his adventure for the perfect bean three decades ago.  With his first espresso in a small shop in Boston at age 8, to the first farm direct coffee in Sulawesi, Indonesia at 19; he traveled to many countries to visit friends and family, yet not finding a great cup of coffee.

After serving his country in the US Army, and deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004-2005), Nicholas found the perfect cup in 2007.    Which he imports directly from the source, right to your brewing device of choice.

Green Coffee Cherries

Our Beans

Our relationship with the farm started in 2007 and has continued for over a decade.  We source our farm direct beans directly from El Salvador, and as a producer we have a unique ability to cater to many requests from green to roasted.

There is no middle when speaking with us, and if you'd like to visit our farms, we sure would love to show you around.

Order below to experience our fresh quality roasted coffee, farm direct to your daily cup.